TV Production Security


TV production Security

For the specialised role of Television and Film Production Security we, at TCB Security, have a vast amount of experience in providing a fully rounded and inclusive security plan, risk assessment and risk management plan for any production whether it is in the studio or on location anywhere in the world.
Production security, on location security and entertainment industry security are necessities of operation. Our clients expect both static and temporary security solutions with enough flexibility to adapt to changes in season, location, and objective. Our mission to protect the operation on location begins with equipment including the production trucks and auxiliary equipment storage facilities.

For on location productions, upon arrival of the cast and crew, we create controlled access, keeping the public and competitors at bay. Our job isn’t done until the final piece of equipment is packed. Reliability, professionalism, and ability to follow procedure are a must. Our staff functions as our clients’ representatives to the general public, other vendors, talent and staff in addition to security, maintaining positive relationships and creating new ones. TCB Security creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their site-specific safety and security objectives.


We don’t just fix problems, we anticipate the solutions you need. 

Our rigorous standards ensure our team brings genuine expertise in risk management and production. We select our leadership teams, consultants, and subcontractors from global network of professionals and require they meet high levels of competency and experience.

With a deep understanding of industry best practices, we are uniquely positioned to not only assist you with any challenge or requirement your production or project may face, but also to anticipate the future issues and opportunities you may encounter, and the solutions required to proactively address and unlock that potential.

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