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Close Protection Service

TCB Security specializes in Close Protection, Risk assessment consulting, Security, Crisis and Risk Management Specialist and TV production Security Coordinator and Consulting.

TCB creating a secure, organized, and efficient environment for the people in our care – anywhere in the world. Adapting to the client’s needs and profile.
Close Protection and Security can be delivered in a range of methods – large or small teams, high profile, or very discreet protection.

TCB Security creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their specific personal safety and security objectives. No job too small or too big, each client receives the highest standard of service.

TCB Security employs both international and local security officers who have close ties with government law enforcement agencies. With our staff’s combined background in private security, law enforcement, close protection, military, and business, we can assure you we have your best interests in how we operate. We are committed to delivering nothing but the highest levels of security standards in compliance with international requirements.




In today’s world, yourself or your business faces both unprecedented risk and unprecedented opportunity. In our highly volatile economic, social and political climate, a crisis can be one small disturbance away, and you need to be prepared to respond. That’s where the TCB Crisis team comes in. We help you anticipate, plan and face challenges head-on, anywhere in the world.

Backed by our Global Operation Centers and always-on intelligence from our team of experts combines everything you need to ensure the safety of your people and assets, and fulfill your duty of care responsibility.


We bring you concrete solutions, actions and guidance to manage the crisis, while mitigating the damage to your staff, business or reputation.

Before implementing new security measures, you need to understand your vulnerabilities, as well as the risks and threats you are facing.

Our consulting process begins with a risk assessment, during which we work with you to identify both internal and external areas of concern. Our team of highly trained security experts supports you and helps you devise a plan so you can be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises, fulfill your duty of care and mitigate risks when they occur.

We at TCB Security are confident in protecting our clients in any role, any industry, and in any country. Our licensed close protection officers have Commercial, Government and Military backgrounds, as well as receiving additional specialist training to provide the highest level of security to those who need it.


What is close protection

Close Protection officers are also known as bodyguards. They are a highly trained, specialist security officer who keep people safe from physical harm, unwanted attention and other threats to their safety or privacy. Close Protection officers provide physical security, risk assessments, pre-emptive care and even discreet surveillance. With the rise in criminal activity, terrorism and specific threats, Close Protection offers a superior level of security to individuals, their families, and their business, political or financial interests.

Yet, the concept of Close Protection is not a modern one. In fact, many historical figures employed bodyguards, even going back thousands of years before civilisation as we know it. Roman Emperors employed the Praetorian Guard to serve as personal bodyguards, and Alexander the Great appointed ‘Somatophylakes which, when translated into English literally means bodyguards. The nature of threats may have changed over the centuries, but the concept of protecting individuals remains the same.


What threats do bodyguards protect you from?

Sadly, criminal activity takes place in all communities and some individuals are more vulnerable to becoming victims of crime. Those who are in a position of influence, for example, celebrities with a lot of followers or international policymakers are likely to need close protection in their day-to-day lives.
This may be due to previous incidents, having received direct threats, or simply being in a high position of influence that naturally attracts attention.
Close Protection can protect you from threats such as:

  • Over-enthusiastic fans
  • Potential stalkers
  • Direct or indirect threats
  • Convert surveillance/invasion of privacy
  • Terrorist organisations
  • Organised crime
  • Political rivals or opponents


Who needs Close Protection?

Here are some examples of those who require support from Close Protection officers:

  • Royal families
  • Politicians, dignitaries and diplomats
  • VIPs
  • Other high-profile media personalities
  • Music, film, TV or sports celebrities and their families
  • High profile individuals attending potentially dangerous or hostile places
  • Journalists covering controversial stories
  • Barristers, Judges and sometimes members of a Jury


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