TCB Security has years of experience in personal and corporate security services. We have provided personal bodyguard and event/concert/festival security services to some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry during their visits to South East Asia.

Organized large-scale events, expos, weddings, private parties or festivals are planned with the safety of attendees and performers, speakers or hosts in mind.


Our Concert/Festival/Event/Expo/Weddings Protection Package includes:

  • Personal VIP security detail for celebrities/artists/guests of honor
  • Backstage security
  • Front of house security at the venue
  • Crowd control
  • Access Point Security
  • Security Patrol
  • Chauffeured VIP transportation services with limousine minivans guarded by competent security attendants

Front of House security

Applying stringent international standards for Front of House security involves a meticulous stop and check procedure to ensure safety at the most vulnerable access point – the front entrance of the venue.

This is a crucial aspect of providing protection for concert goers, performers and staff, because it is where there is the highest risk of criminal activities or terrorist threats. Despite the minor inconvenience, ultimately thorough security checks bring a sense of safety and wellbeing to the public.

Backstage event security

Also essential to a problem-free event is comprehensive Backstage Security with strict barring of access to anyone not previously screened and issued an official Backstage Pass.

Crowd Control

Security guards that handle big groups or crowds of people at events are called crowd controllers. These highly trained individuals specialize in directing the flow of foot traffic, should crowds get unruly, and remedying potentially dangerous situations like fights and other aggressive behaviors.

Security Patrol

If your event is predicted to be rowdy at points, if you’ve invited special guest speakers or if important figures will be attending, you should consider hiring security guards to patrol the crowd, as well as areas near the event location. Security patrol in uniform shows a security presence, but plainclothes officers are also a good way to keep everyone safe.

Access point security guards

There is typically more than one access point at organized festivals and events. Along with the entrance, there may also be a separate exit and several other access areas, including restrooms, dressing rooms, food prep stations and stage access. The security guards you see guarding these access points, as well as event area barriers, are also known as gatekeepers


We are trained and equipped to provide total security to celebrities throughout their stay in Thailand, not only on the day of the performance or event. We will attend to VIP clients from the arrival gate of the airport, during any private or public activities or trips, at rehearsals and PR engagements, at the event, and all the way until they are safely on their way to their next destination.


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