Bangkok bodyguard agency covering all of Asia

To many people, especially those who find themselves in high profile positions, the perceived or actual threat to their lives is real and denies them of a very precious but undervalued state of being; peace of mind.
Due to the rapid advancement of technological age, famous and influential people’s movements, professional and social engagements and their family activities are open to scrutiny, therefore increasing the sense of vulnerability. VIP’s, celebrities, religious leaders, sporting icons and high net worth individuals certainly come into the aforementioned category.

TCB Bodyguards keeps you safe

TCB bodyguards are ready, able and available to help you negate the threats, unwanted intrusion and insecurities that affect the quality of people’s lives. Our personnel possess operational experience in the UK, Thailand and overseas, working in both relatively sedate and potentially hostile environments, being able to adapt to changing situations and circumstances as the dictates.

At TCB Security, we are aware that the professional conduct of our operatives is in paramount importance to our clients and measures are taken to reinforce our internal company policy relating to protocol, etiquette, etc.
Let us help you to live your life with freedom, liberty and peace of mind.

TCB Security employs both international and local security officers who have close ties with government law enforcement agencies. All our staffs are highly trained and experienced. They act swiftly and appropriately in any given situation with the protection of life and property always at the forefront of their minds. The road for our success is trough we hire only the best people, and training them ourselves, so we keep a standard same ISO9001 in all our products.

We are committed to delivering nothing but the highest levels of security standards in compliance with international requirements.