South America Office


South America Office Located In Buenos Aires, Argentina

At TCB Security, we are aware that the professional conduct of our operatives is of paramount importance to our clients. Measures are taken to reinforce our company policies and internal protocols relating to etiquette, performance, quality of service and precision in security.
Where taking care of business means taking care of you.


We offer the following services:


Close Protection

Close Protection and Security can be delivered in a range of methods – large or small teams, high profile, or very discreet protection. TCB Security creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their specific personal safety and security objectives. No job too small or too big, each client receives the highest standard of service.

    Residential Security

    Static and Residential Security

    “Static security detail” is exactly what it sounds like – security personnel stationed at one point. This may involve manning the access points to a residential or business premise, guarding valuables and equipment against theft or loss, providing security at an event, or even personal protection. The bottom line is – it requires the security operative to be onsite.
    Static Security Officers are deployed as required to specific sites or locations to perform security duties such as patrolling grounds, monitoring entrances and exits, monitoring CCTV, logging visitors’ movements and ensuring the safety of clients.


    Threat Identification / Assessment / Management

    We provide a customized assessment of the risks, threats and vulnerabilities your business or agency faces, as well as your security capabilities — in terms of your assets, operations, priorities and resources. You will achieve better security and safety outcomes, target new operational efficiencies and define winning strategies for managing costs while controlling risks. Our services include assessments of risks, threats and vulnerabilities; security operations and programs; and physical and technical security protecting facilities.


    Security Risk Management

    Combining deep security risk management expertise to lead, plan, design and implement complex security engagements. Close collaboration with your teams to develop a preparedness plan to manage unexpected security emergencies that require swift decisions.
    Planning to counter risks associated with severe weather and other natural events, leadership crises, technological incidents, workplace violence and risks to your entity’s mission, brands, performance and reputation A focus on ensuring that your business or agency can continue to perform essential functions under a wide range of circumstances.


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