North America Office


North America Office Located In Los Angeles, USA

Our TCB office is in central Los Angeles and operating under Headquarter in Bangkok where we are overseeing all our operations worldwide through our Security operations center (SOC) is to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to threats around the clock. SOC teams are charged with monitoring and protecting the organization’s assets including intellectual property, personnel data, business systems, and brand integrity to assist our Close Protection and security teams on the ground around the world. TCB Security specializes in Close Protection, Risk assessment consulting, Security, Crisis and Risk Management Specialist and TV production Security Coordinator and Consulting.
TCB creating a secure, organized, and efficient environment for the people in our care – anywhere in the world. Adapting to the client’s needs and profile.


We offer the following services:


Close Protection

Close Protection and Security can be delivered in a range of methods – large or small teams, high profile, or very discreet protection. To assess the high-risk area combined with your goals, well-executed risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments will uncover precisely what is required. In analyzing the risks carefully, we can define the means, measures, and systems you need to keep safe abroad.
We can accompany you in your travels and offer personal protection in a covert or overt form (environment dependent). The difference is that we either visibly protect your person, or take on a role as one of your staff members. This way, you can work discretely, yet we can still react fast in the case of an emergency.


    Female Bodyguards – Close Protection Officers.

     At TCB Security, we are aware that the professional conduct of our operatives is in paramount importance to our clients and measures are taken to reinforce our internal company policy relating to protocol, etiquette, etc. Let us help you to live your life with freedom, liberty, and peace of mind.
    Clients who have young families and need close protection will often give clear direction as to whether they want to have female Close Protection Officers (CPOs) as part of their security solution. A female CPO could pass as a personal assistant or nanny. Being less conspicuous means the principal can go about their day as normally as possible. This also means an increase in productivity and efficiency. Female bodyguards attract less attention.

    Religious and cultural preferences call for female versus male close protection. Certain cultures and religions prefer that females do not spend time with males from
    outside of their family. With that in mind, some clients prefer to replace a male close protection agent with a female. Children may react better to a female agent as well. The major gap in the market comes where protection is needed on a more delicate scale. For example, a less intimidating protection officer could be better suited for women or children. Women can also follow their female principals into bathrooms or dressing rooms, where men can’t.


      Security Driver

      We offer a large selection of deluxe chauffeured transportation options ranging from executive vans, to luxury sedans, to limousines, yachts to helicopters and private jets. All our transportation is equipped with high quality amenities, and premium food and beverage options. It is staffed by expert drivers, experienced pilots, and proficient hostesses and maître d’s.


        We are ready 24 hours - 365 days

        Reaching the pinnacle of success. Embracing a lavish lifestyle on the cutting edge of eminence involves guarding what is cherished. The elite life must only be entrusted to the strongest, to the most vigilant, the most attentive, the most prepared.