European Office


European Office Located In London, United Kingdom

Our Office is in the heart of London, which operating under Headquarter in Bangkok where we are overseeing all our operations worldwide through our Security operations center (SOC) is to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to threats around the clock. SOC teams are charged with monitoring and protecting the organization’s assets including intellectual property, personnel data, business systems, and brand integrity to assist our Close Protection and security teams on the ground around the World.

At TCB Security, we are aware that the professional conduct of our operatives is of paramount importance to our clients. Measures are taken to reinforce our company policies and internal protocols relating to etiquette, performance, quality of service and precision in security. To many people, especially those that are in high profile positions, perceive or are concerned with physical threats to their lives or loved ones. Which denies them a precious and undervalued luxury. Peace of mind. Where taking care of business means taking care of you.


We Offer The Following Services


Female CPO/Bodyguards – Close Protection Officers.

Clients who have young families and need close protection will often give clear direction as to whether they want to have female Close Protection Officers (CPOs) as part of their security solution. A female CPO could pass as a personal assistant or nanny. Being less conspicuous means the principal can go about their day as normally as possible. This also means an increase in productivity and efficiency. Female bodyguards attract less attention.

Religious and cultural preferences call for female versus male close protection. Certain cultures and religions prefer that females do not spend time with males from outside of their family. With that in mind, some clients prefer to replace a male close protection agent with a female. Children may react better to a female agent as well. The major gap in the market comes where protection is needed on a more delicate scale.


    Static and Residential Security detail

    “Static security detail” is exactly what it sounds like – security personnel stationed at one point. This may involve manning the access points to a residential or business premise, guarding valuables and equipment against theft or loss, providing security at an event, or even personal protection. The bottom line is – it requires the security operative to be onsite.
    Static Security Officers are deployed as required to specific sites or locations to perform security duties such as patrolling grounds, monitoring entrances and exits, monitoring CCTV, logging visitors’ movements and ensuring the safety of clients.


      Close Protection

      Close Protection can be delivered in a range of methods – large or small teams, high profile, or very discreet protection, adapting to the client’s needs and profile.
      TCB Security creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their specific personal safety and security objectives. With our staff’s combined background in private security, law enforcement, close protection, military, and business, we can assure you we have your best interests in how we operate.


        Security Risk Management

        Combining deep security risk management expertise to lead, plan, design and implement complex security engagements. Close collaboration with your teams to develop a preparedness plan to manage unexpected security emergencies that require swift decisions.
        Planning to counter risks associated with severe weather and other natural events, leadership crises, technological incidents, workplace violence and risks to your entity’s mission, brands, performance and reputation.


          Investigations And Surveillance

          Our team can help you understand your organization’s exposure to fraud and financial crimes and mitigate the risks of regulatory, reputational or financial harm to your operations, reputation or shareholder value. Surveillance investigators research, locate, and investigate individuals through surveillance methods. They monitor, record, and assess individuals, places, and events and report their findings to their contracted employers or organizations.

            LONDON OFFICE

            Luxury transportation

            We offer a complete luxury travel experience that is tailored to the specific needs and requests of each guest. We are based in the heart of Bangkok, with years of experience in the luxury travel and security industry to turn even the most mundane aspects of your journey into a pleasurable adventure, we deliver a truly first class experience as you travel in superlative comfort, with safety, reliability and punctuality guaranteed.
            We offer a large selection of deluxe chauffeured transportation options ranging from executive vans, to luxury sedans, to limousines, yachts to helicopters and private jets. All our transportation is equipped with high quality amenities, and premium food and beverage options.
            With our operation center, we are able to provide live state-of-the-art GPS system every vehicle in our fleet of limousines and vans. This helps to ensure safety by allowing us to monitor our fleet at all times. Therefore, providing our guests with peace of mind in order to maximize the enjoyment of the journey.

              WE READY 24 HOURS FOR YOU

              We are ready 24 hours - 365 days

              Reaching the pinnacle of success. Embracing a lavish lifestyle on the cutting edge of eminence involves guarding what is cherished. The elite life must only be entrusted to the strongest, to the most vigilant, the most attentive, the most prepared.