TCB Corporation

TCB Corporation

International Close Protection Agency


TCB Security creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their specific personal safety and security objectives.

No job too small or too big, each and every client receives the highest standard of service.

TCB Security employs both international and local security officers who have close ties with government law enforcement agencies. With our staff’s combined background in private security, law enforcement, close protection, the military, and business, we can assure you we have your best interests in how we operate.

We are committed to delivering nothing but the highest levels of security standards in compliance with international requirements.

TCB specializes in Close Protection, creating a secure, organized and efficient environment for the people in our care – anywhere in the world. Adapting to the client’s needs and profile, Close Protection can be delivered in a range of methods – large or small teams, high profile or very discreet protection.

Close Protection/ Bodyguards

To many people, especially those who find themselves in high profile positions, the perceived or actual threat to their lives is real and denies them of a very precious but undervalued state of being; peace of mind.
Due to the rapid advancement of technological age, famous and influential people’s movements, professional and social engagements and their family activities are open to examination, therefore increasing the sense of vulnerability.
VIP’s, celebrities, religious leaders, sporting icons and high net worth individuals certainly come into the aforementioned category.

Let us help you to live your life with freedom, liberty and peace of mind.

The good news is that TCB bodyguards are ready, able and available to help you negate the threats, unwanted intrusion and insecurities that affect the quality of people’s lives. Our personnel possess operational experience in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa working in both relatively calm and potentially hostile environments, being able to adapt to changing situations and circumstances as the dictates.

We offer the following services:

Close Protection
High Risk Close Protection
Threat Identification/Assessment/Management
Solo Protection
Escort Team (including medic)
Surveillance (Static, Mobile & Counter Surveillance)
Home office and residential protection
Country and City Reports (Security & Political Risk Assessment)
Travel Preparations – destination briefings, selecting hotels, transport, emergency responses

Some business organizations may not need the facility of full-time professional security management but that should not mean the protection of the business is any less important.

TCB Security offers professional and impartial advice to organizations of all caliber, providing the performance and function of a security manager to suit your specific needs, including:

Security Threat & Risk Assessment
Security Policy & Plan
Security Survey
Security Staff Management
Business Travel planning & support
Security Training
Project and Event Security Management
Penetration testing of existing physical security measures
General advice and problem solving
Country and City Reports (Security & Political Risk Assessment)
Travel Preparations – understanding the destination local customs and regulations, selecting hotels, transport, emergency responses, etc.
Crisis Contingency planning (emergency response and media response)

Whether a one-off review of existing security measures or an ongoing assignment

TCB Security consultants offer an intensive Security Survey and Risk Assessment, followed up with professional, impartial, advice and recommendations for:

Intruder Detection Systems—Alarms, CCTV, Motion Sensors, Lighting
Access Control – pedestrian and vehicle access including staff/visitor parking and deliveries.
Fencing – perimeter protection
Landscaping – Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Security services – Static Guards, Mobile Patrols, Dog Handlers

Surveillance Service

At TCB we cover all aspects of Surveillance from Matrimonial Surveillance, Insurance Fraud, Employee Sickness, Technical Surveillance, Corporate and Protective Surveillance. Every Case is different and we here at TCB can tailor any case to meet your needs.

Matrimonial surveillance
Protective surveillance
Corporate surveillance

We provide true worldwide close protection service.

We have offices and full-time staff in three continents as well as long-term partners wherever our clients need to go. TCB Security has worked in more than 75 countries worldwide, and we are ready to follow and protect our clients wherever their businesses or passions may take them, we operate worldwide 24/7 – 365 days a year.

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